SMC History

Slaithwaite Motor Tourist Club was founded in 1959

The club was founded at the Olive Branch inn Situated in Slaithwaite by a group of people interested in social motoring.

It was founded at a time when Motor Cars were still regarded as luxury items and leisure motoring was in it's infancy. The club initially organised social days out including Picnics , Treasure hunts, and visits to emerging tourist sites such as stately homes.

By the early 70's, the role of the Motor Car was changing and people began to have more cash to spend on leisure activities involving them. As a result, the club had become more competition orientated and chose to drop the word tourist from it's name hence becoming Slaithwaite Motor Club.

The club grew and it's members became involved in all aspects of motorsport, competing on Rallies (both Road and Stage), Hillclimbing, Sprint, Autotests, Marshalling, Organising, etc. There were members involved in all disciplines.

This brings us up to date.

SMC is now limited and can still claim to be involved at all levels with motorsport. There is a discipline to suit everyones needs and interests.


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